Second Week, more packaging and javascript

During the second week I've finished off the macosx packaging, submitted patches, etc. I've also done a bit more work on the TWB debian package, but I'm still not happy with it.

Since the TWB is not yet ready for prime time, I've decided to build a small static demo of few calculi that I've implemented, namely K, KT, S4, PLTL and UB. My plan to to create a rich web client to display the tree generated by the tableau procedure and give the user a nice interface to nagivigate it.

Since that would require a fair bit of work, I've started with something very simple. The static demo allows you to select you logic from a list of 5 and to input a formula to test.

To put everything together I end up studying xmlrpc to transform the prover in a cgi and a javascript library to do the remote procedure call.

I'm using this nice ocaml library to give the prover a xmlrpc interface and this javascript library that is very small and does its job well.

I've just findout that mozilla has it own js library to do xmlrpc ... I'll might give it a try as well

Writing the glue was kind trivial, and writing the js selectors was even more trivial using that is a very very nice library implementing a lot of nifty ajax functions.

The intergration of my initial prototype into drupal was also very easy.

The result of my work is here:

I can't say I now like javascript, but using high level library makes the process much less painful then what it was few years ago.