Site News

Website updates

I've updated the website with the new tutorial and a new demo application.
The old demo can be found at
and the old documentation at

New demo interface

The new demo interface is almost ready. You can test it as

There are still some rough edges but is coming along just fine.

In other news I've updated few modules and I'm preparing to roll drupal 6.0 when it's released.


Website Open

I've added a contact form and open the website for comments.

Website redesign

I've updated the TWB website changing the layout and re-working the the site navigation. I'm using the following modules: * biblio * codefilter * inline * spamspan * update_status * cck * geshifilter * pearwiki_filter * spam * twbdemo (my own module to handle the twb demo) * views

syntax highlight

Finally I set up a syntax highlighter for computer code.

let rec fib = function
|0 -> 0
|1 -> 1
|n -> fib (n-1) + fib (n-2)

I feel better now :)