First Week, first entry

I've submitted my dissertation and finally I've some time to
spend on the TWB, website, tools, etc. During the next six months I'll try to make the TWB a product (from a project) and hopefully build a user base. I don't expect wide adoption, but I hope somebody, somewhere will start using it.

This diary is for work purposes and to keep track of ideas that might be useful along the track.

Ok, during the first week I've worked to re-write the configure script of the TWB. I've adopted automake and autoconf and used few custom rules written appositely to work with Ocaml projects. For reference I'm using a modified version of this and an home-brewed

I've also packaged extlib ( ) and findlib ( ) for macosx. I've therefore learned how to use the "Package Maker" application for MacOsX and started to greately dislike it. I've modified a small script that does everything without using their graphical interface. Packages and patches can be found here:

Building debian packages is definitely a nicer and more rational process then building maxosx packages. After four years I've re-read the debian policy ( ) and read for the first time the ocaml-maintainer policy ( ). I've also created and account on and become part of the ocaml maintaner group ( ).

Since they use subversion to manage their repository, I had to re-learn how to use it and also learn how to use various debian tools like darcs-buildpackages, svn-buildpackages, lintian, linda, etc Using these toold is exceptionally easy to create and manage debian packages. Few days of study were definitely worth it.